Motogp prints on canvas, Motogp posters and motogp prints on wood

Date: 21 April, 2020
Buy a motogp prints on canvas, or a motogp print on wood. Choose between dozens of amazing printed artwork of your favorite riders at low cost.

All our motogp prints on canvas are art work in themselves, digitally hand made by our lead designer, and motogp aficionado, Pierre Vacca. Many printing shops will offer you some photography of motogp riders printed on canvas, on photo paper or any other medium. We go the extra mile.


Tens of Hours of work were necessary to complete a single illustration, starting from a regular photography as base, and eventually traced, manually, with a vector digital editor - every line, every single spec.

Motogp prints on canvas illustration process


All our illustrations are done with Illustrator software. Despite the computer support, they are made manually, curves negotiated using the pen tool. 


We start from a regular photo of a pilot on his bike, taken in the heat of the moment. Pierre has the knack to find pretty intense pictures of his beloved riders - Johann Zarco, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi, etc.


That constitutes the base of the artwork. From there, every single line and detail are drawn to enhance the already stunning photo and convert it in an amazing artwork. 

The time spent on each illustration varies between 50 and 60 hours, depending on the difficulties of the original photo, number of sponsors, readability of the mechanical elements, brakes, rear axle ...

MotoGP illustrations are all done in vectors


A vector graphic is an artwork made up of points, lines, and curves that are based upon mathematical equations, rather than a solid colored square pixels. This means that no matter how large or small or how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves, and points remain smooth.


That simply mean that we can print on any size without losing the high definition of the drawing.

From 10 cm to 10 meters if, for example, you need to print a polyester banner with our art - yes, we can do that too.

Motogp pilots, team and motorbike prints on your walls


We are working on an ever expending collection of motogp  drawings [link]. Our goal is to depict every famous pilots and teams, but as well the epic moments that made motogp racing what it is today.


All your favorite pilots are there, like Valentino Rossi [link] of course, but as well Johann Zarco, Alvaro Bautista, Alex Rins, Casey Stoner, Marc Marquez, etc.


That makes a great addition to your home decoration or a splendid present for a friend that is Motogp fan. 

Motogp prints design variations


Every single drawing perspective is declined on different variations:

  • Full colors (of course).

  • Technical design and full colors: you can see the drawing lines underneath parts of the drawing.

  • Black and white or duo tone mixed on the full colors drawing or by themselves.

  • Landscape or portrait image orientation

  • Full size or zoomed

The possibilities are endless. If there’s one you’d like to have and don’t see, just feel free to request it. We’ll draw the new design and publish it online.

Motogp prints on canvas mounted on stretchers


We print on poly cotton canvas that allows for a vivid colors rendering and is a long-lasting material. All the shades and details of your print will stand out, even in the smaller size.


Each print is mounted on a wooden stretcher, which is basically a wood structure the canvas is attached to.


Once you receive it, just unpack the print and hang it on your wall. Simple as that.


Motogp prints on wood


A beautiful option for your chosen print(s) is our wood panel option. Instead of a canvas, we use a straight piece of wood and laminated the drawing you chose on it.


We will cut your wood plank to the proper size first, then laminated the picture or photo on it for extra protection and high-quality rendering. It  is incredible how a print on wood can add a noble touch to a seemingly regular picture. Printing is laminated to protect it from stains and moisture, to increase its strength and durability, and to add sheen and vibrancy to its ink colors.

Your motogp print on demand


It is obvious that we can’t have every pilot of every team on every situation, so why don’t you suggest the next pilot you want to see on your wall?


We will consider the most beloved ones and will work on it for the next release. We can digitize any picture, as long as it is a beautiful one, of course.


Why not having your motorbike digitized and printed on canvas?


You can commission an artwork by submitting your picture. We will vectorize it and color it so it looks like a million bucks.


A motogp prints on canvas or a motogp prints on wood will be a stunning addition to your living area, whether at home, at work, to embellish your fan club walls or decorate your favorite pub. Our motogp canvas prints are of superior quality, and we work very hard to make sure that they are both originals and astonishing. 

Check this video to watch our motogp drawing process

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