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Partially painted prints on canvas reproduction with oil painting

Date: 01 April, 2020
Partially painted prints on canvas reproduction with oil painting are printed images with some painting applied, enhancing an otherwise simple print.

Painting over a print seems a funny idea, but there are some cases where it actually makes sense and create a totally better piece of art.


One good example are Banksy's prints. Banksy is a graffiti artist that paint (or spray) his artwork on walls. So, a partially painted prints of Banksy's artwork would let the photography of the wall as a background printed on the canvas, whereas the graffiti itself would be painted over to give more matter and relief to the print.


Lichtenstein Ben-day dots are another example. When doing a partially painted print of Roy Lichtenstein artwork, we let all the Ben-Day dots appearing as prints, hence reflecting exactly the master work in points distance and colors, and paint the contour lines to give it a real oil painting look.


We start with a print mounted on stretchers.

Then we paint the part of the image that is not a photo.

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